Brexit! Disaster, or great opportunities?

17 april 2020 Uncategorized

Brexit? Keep your business available to Europe and open other international markets!

Brexit requires action now in order to preserve and expand your current UK business. Brexit will most likely again be delayed because of the current Corona outbreak. UK economics will be severely damaged because of the outbreak and it will not be in the interest of a sensible government to pay the EU for a departure, miss an export market like the EU and to try to recover from Corona at the same time. The situation has again changed completely and it may well be that Brexit will be put on the back-burner or forgotten totally. You can contact us regarding any question that you may have on international trade, export, import and the promotion of your business, products or services in any part of the world but particularly in The Netherlands and Germany. We assist you in marketing your company, products, and services in international markets. We can find you all types of representation including agents, distributors, import agents, license partners or new products for you to sell in your home market. We can also sell your products for you through our international network of agents, distributors and manufacturer’s reps. ABCTradeLeads.Com is also active as a business broker in selling and buying companies. We can find you interesting, profitable, companies to buy, or sell your company. We can extend your business abroad in a professional manner by opening your own branch offices, etc. We are not a Chamber of Commerce that has absolutely no practical experience in international trade, import, and export matters and are quite incapable of helping you to conquer new markets and see market opportunities. We are individuals originating from international businesses with over 45 years of experience in the practicalities of international trade. Our experience is in industrial, process engineering, machinery, mechanical engineering applications and their related manufacture and general sales and marketing activities. Our services are usually free of charge (gratis) simply because we enjoy our work and like to make life a bit easier for Industry to provide the experience we had to go through freely available to newcomers. Also, we have made our earnings through the years of hard labor in the industry. When we see a good opportunity however for mutual business parties we will quickly suggest an agreeable compensation that will be acceptable to you.

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